05 Nov

Adult AD/HD Support Groups NE Meetings in November 2019

Hi Folks:

Please find below details of our meetings in November in South Shields, Newcastle & Middlesbrough (+ Durham soon; I know, I said that last time – and the time before that!).

Three Meetings in NOVEMBER 2019 (please see the PDF flyers for further information).

South Shields: Tuesday 12th November (6-9pm)

Venue: Age Concern (ACTS) Dora Dixon House, 29 Beach Road / corner of Anderson Street, South Shields NE33 2QU

Thanks again to Age Concern for their invaluable support.

Download the South Shields flyer here.

Newcastle: Tuesday 19th November (6 – 9pm)

Venue: Committee Dining Room, St. Nicholas Hospital NE3 3XT

Access is straightforward: go into the main Clock Tower reception, turn left down the corridor, 2nd room on the left (or it might be the 3rd). Please see the flyer or website for further details. Thanks, as always, to CNTW NHS Foundation Trust.

Download the Newcastle flyer here.

Middlesbrough: Wednesday 27th November (6 – 8:30 pm)

Last time we had a successful gathering in the foyer of the Middlesbrough Tower, Middleborough Tower, Teeside University. Depending on how busy the uni is on the 27th, we’ll either be there again or in our usual room on Floor 7, Room 7.11 TS1 3BA. If the latter: take one of the lifts up to floor 7, turn right and room 11 is in the corner. See the flyer or website for further details, including parking in the area, which has recently changed. Victoria Road seems to be the nearest place, free after 6pm. There is also the student car park, immediately opposite the old school at the top of Victoria Road which magically opens its barriers to give free parking at 4:30. We often gather in the foyer before we go up in the world, in case you end up there before us. The views of the picturesque hamlet of Middlesbrough from floor 7 are truly memorable.

Thanks again to Richie and Teeside University for their support.

Download the Middlesbrough flyer here.

Best wishes


bill scott
Adult AD/HD Support Groups NE

mobile / text: 07856212564
Website: http://aadhd-ne-uk.weebly.com