06 Feb

Rethink Mental Illness News – February 2019

Time to Talk Day is on 7 Feb

Tomorrow people all over the country will be having conversations about mental health, as part of Time to Talk Day.

The day is led by Time to Change, the anti-stigma campaign we run in partnership with Mind. It’s all about changing misconceptions, breaking down stereotypes, and showing that mental health doesn’t need to be a difficult topic to talk about.

Have a look at the Time to Change website for tips on getting involved. There are lots of ways to have a conversation: you can download activity packs to get you started. They’ve even teamed up with the Ramblers to put together a guide on walking and talking.

Get involved


Shining a spotlight on carers’ money worries


Last month we asked you to take part in a survey about what it’s like to care for someone with a mental illness. Over 400 of you responded, and 70% said that financial strain is a source of stress.

This story has been picked up by the media, including a story in the Times on Saturday. We hope this will highlight the money problems many carers face, as well as letting more people know about our Mental Health & Money Advice Service which can help with financial problems.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Mental Health & Money Advice Service


Why the Mental Health Act matters


In December, the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act published its recommendations for change. The Mental Health Act sets out when a person can be detained and treated in hospital against their wishes. It plays a very important role, but many of you have told us about the ways in which it currently falls short.

The review’s recommendations would give more choice and autonomy to people like Alika. His story powerfully highlights why this is so important. In his video he explains how it felt to be restrained in hospital when he was detained under the Act.

Please share Alika’s story. We want more people to understand what’s at stake and sign our petition calling for change.

Share Alika’s story

Do you live with depression that is resistant to treatment or know someone who does?


We are working with Janssen to understand the day to day challenges faced by people with severe depression that is resistant to treatment in order to give those experiencing severe depression a voice.

We will be holding a confidential and supportive two-hour focus group in late February/ early March in central London.Please call 0207 840 3016 or email research@rethink.org for more information or to register your interest. We will offer reimbursement for your time, and reasonable travel expenses.

If you would like more information for yourself or someone else please get in touch.

Location: iview, London Wellington House 125 – 130, Strand, London, WC2R 0AP

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