13 Nov

YoungMinds Newsletter – November 2018

Breaking a World Record to shine a light on young people’s mental health

We are officially Guinness World Record holders! To shine a light on young people’s mental health, we have broken the world record for the largest ever ultraviolet painting. Artist Livi Gosling worked with our Activists to create an image showing that mental health is something that can be positive or negative; it changes over time, and is something we need to look after. Together they created the design of a tree growing inside the outline of a head.

Livi Gosling says, “I wanted to represent that just like a tree, mental health is some that needs to be nourished so that it can be healthy and blossom.” After 10 hours of painting in Arena MK, 80 litres of UV paint and a canvas measuring over 450 square metres, the UV lights were turned on to reveal the painting! We hope that by breaking this world record, we can shine a light on the need for greater support for young people’s mental health.

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Our Open Letter To Ofsted

Last week, we handed in our open letter to Ofsted –  which 22,000 of you signed – asking them to prioritise the wellbeing of students in their inspection framework. After handing in the letter, our Activists also showed the Head of Policy at Ofsted the illustration of ‘What a perfect school would look like’ from our Wise Up and Doodle event.
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A new era for young people’s mental health

Over 12,000 of you have signed our petition calling for a new era for young people’s mental health. Right now, the NHS is putting together a Long Term Plan which will decide where to invest more money over the next decade. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape children’s mental health services.
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YoungMinds Christmas Cards

For the first time, we have our very own YoungMinds Christmas cards! Designed by our Activists, these Christmas cards come with heartfelt messages for those who might be facing a difficult Christmas this year.
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Seni’s Law has passed!

Last week, the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill, also known as Seni’s Law, was made a law. It will transform the lives of patients in inpatient care, bringing in protections from harmful restraint, as well as improving training for staff in de-escalation techniques. Thank you to everyone who campaigned with us!
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The Latest from the Parents Lounge:
How To Support Your Child With A Phobia
Our next session of the Parents Lounge will be on the topic of Suicide Risk, on Wednesday 21 November, 1:30pm live on our Facebook page. Please be aware content may be triggering.

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