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National Survivor User Network (NSUN) Bulletin – 3 February 2020

Welcome to the Monday 3rd February 2020 edition of our weekly ebulletin – full of news, views, events and involvement opportunities.
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Our work
A great way to have a look at what’s been happening over the last year is to go to our News pageand visit the pages below.
I wanted to give you an update on the Open Letter on Peer Support Apprenticeships which over 100 people and organisations have signed.
After initially sharing the letter with the Trailblazer group which led on the apprenticeship proposal, we were offered an open meeting within two weeks, to discuss our concerns. Unfortunately, I was not free on the one date offered. Beyond this, I fed back that whilst I appreciated the offer, one meeting, within a 2 week timeframe, would not be enough to address the issues we raised, as they were both broad and deep; and that one of our most pressing concerns was – despite the efforts of the Trailblazer group – the lack of meaningful engagement with the wider peer support community during the consultation process. In my view, one meeting would not be enough to rectify this.
Ten days ago, I then formally shared the Open Letter (with the signatories) with the Institute for Apprenticeships and the Trailblazer group, asking them to pause the process in order to open up a wider conversation. I have not as yet heard back.
I have now submitted the Open Letter to the Route Panel at the Institute for Apprenticeships, which approves or denies the apprenticeship process. I will continue to share developments with you.
If you would like to sign the Open Letter, please email me, and I will add you. 
We’ve been busy with many other things as well, with some exciting campaign news coming up – I will keep you posted.
Warm wishes


ICYMI: Update about the Mental Health Act Review’s recommendations and progress towards a White Paper
Article Image
The Department of Social Care has been working intensively on the Mental Health Act (MHA) Review’s recommendations. The original aim was for a White Paper drawn from the recommendations to be available by December of last year, but this timetable was interrupted by the calling of a general election. According to the latest information we have, the White Paper is now due to be published during the next three months. However, the exact timetable will depend on the new government.
When the White Paper is made available, there is due to be a 12-week public consultation period as well. The final MHA Review Advisory Group meeting last year was cancelled, again because of the general election, However, when the White Paper is published, there may also be further meetings with Advisory Group members, including NSUN.
NSUN is continuing to campaign for serious human rights shortfalls in the MHA Review recommendations to be addressed. As part of this, NSUN has now produced a campaign film to explain and publicise our concerns. You can watch this film here. It would also be very helpful if you can circulate the film as widely as possible.


Featured blogs and articles
Article Image
We are always looking to feature members’ blogs and articles so please email us at info@nsun.org.uk if you would like to share yours.
“We’re begging for crisis help from mental health services – but they are turning us away”
Joy Hibbins, CEO of Suicide Crisis, writes: “It is patently wrong when so many people are, in effect, being denied the right to life – a basic human right”.
in Mad in Asia
‘Dignity and respect’: An example of service user leadership and co‐production in mental health research
Open Access paper by Alison Faulkner, Sarah Carr, Dorothy Gould, Christine Khisa, Trisha Hafford-Letchfield, Rachel Cohen, Claudia Megele, Jessica Holley
Improving products and services for everyone – help RiDC
Article Image
RiDC (the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers), a specialist national charity, gives disabled and older people a voice to help improve products and services for all.


Currently, RiDC is looking to recruit disabled and older people in London to take part in research on public transport.

Please join their panel – use your knowledge, and real-life experience to improve things.

Panel members answer online surveys (up to 10-15 per year), test products, mystery shop in person, online and over the phone plus have the chance to take part in workshops and other research. Where possible, RiDC pays research participants for their involvement.

If you’d like to sign up to RiDC’s consumer panel, click here.

People who are not online are welcome to join up over the phone: please ring RiDC on 020 7427 2460.


To find out more about the work of the RiDC panel, click here

Inaugural Open Dialogue Champions conference 2020
Developing Open Dialogue
Article Image
The very first ODC (Open Dialogue Champions) conference is being held on:
Date: Saturday 28th March 
Time: 10.30am – 4pm
Where: Central London
It’s free to attend, and donations are invited, which go to support future activities. If you want see change in mental health services this is a day for you. During the day, you’ll learn about Open Dialogue and how it differs from conventional services. There will be opportunities to be part of a major research trial and be involved in practical activities that help connect us.
Find out more about the event here and go to the event registration here.
Find out more about Developing Open Dialogue here.


Survey about the Care Act and independent living
Calling Disabled People’s Organisations
Article Image
I am Rachel O’Brien the Independent Living Officer at Inclusion London, and one of the pieces of work I am doing is some research into the state of independent living in London, and whether the Care Act works in doing anything to ensure disabled people can live independently. As part of this, it would be invaluable to hear about what your Disabled People’s Organisation and your service users have experienced when dealing with the Care Act and social care support.


If your Disabled People’s Organisation has an advice service, it would be very useful for the research if you could fill in this survey

Listen: Peter Fonagy on a revolution in mental health care
The Life Scientific podcast
Article Image
Peter Fonagy talks on BBC Radio 4 about how therapy saved his life and led him to pioneer a radical new way of treating our mental health.
Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network Meeting
Article Image
The next Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network Meeting is taking place on:
Date: Tuesday 24th March 2020
Time: 10am – 4pm
Where: King’s College London.
We’ll be sharing hosting roundtable discussions and hearing presentations from some of the following confirmed speakers:
  • Prof. Andrea Danese, King’s College London
  • Bridget Steele, University of Oxford
  • Akiko Hart, National Survivor User Network (NSUN)
  • Laura Fischer, Researcher, Mental Health Activist and Artist
For full details and to register your attendance, click the link here.


Any questions please email Anjuli at vamhn@kcl.ac.uk

Opportunity for Survivors of domestic abuse to share their experiences of Health Services in England
Article Image
At Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) we believe that the voices of those who have faced domestic abuse must be heard and help shape the response they receive from public services. We have developed a survey for survivors to share their experiences of, and recommendations for, health services and health
systems in England. The experiences collected will form a crucial part of our national Pathfinder health project – working to develop responses to domestic abuse in health settings.
The survey is available here
We hope this is an opportunity for those who have faced domestic abuse to help us understand what works and what doesn’t in terms of how health settings relate and respond to domestic abuse. The evidence will form part of recommendations to health settings across England.
If you have any questions or need any support to complete this survey please contact ruth.atkinson@avaproject.org.uk


Survey for adults (or carers or parents of minors) with experience of psychosis, personality disorder, or disorders related to substance use and addictive behaviours
Article Image
ICHOM (www.ichom.org) is an international non-profit organisation that unites healthcare providers, policymakers, and patients to improve health care worldwide.
ICHOM is developing a standardised set of health outcome questions asked of patients and their healthcare providers to improve the health of patients with psychosis, personality disorders and disorders related to substance use or addictive behaviours and the quality of care they receive.
We would really like to know what you think about our proposed list of outcome concepts. Have we captured the things that are most important when it comes to your or your child’s mental health condition? Can you help us improve the areas we cover to better fit patients’ needs?
Please join us in creating a standard set of measures for psychosis, personality disorders and disorders related to substance use or addictive behaviours:
Take part in the 10 minute survey here


Knowledge is Power: Helping people who hear voices to feel more empowered and overcome stigma
Free half-day training courses, Glasgow & London

Up to 1 in 10 people will hear voices at some point in their lives. It is an experience that can happen to people with a psychiatric diagnosis such as psychosis, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, anorexia and depression, as well as people who do not have a mental health problem.

Brought to you by Hearing the Voice (Durham University) in collaboration with Rai Waddingham (voice-hearer, mental health trainer), this workshop will explore the way in which we can use information and resources to help people distressed by their voices feel more empowered and reduce internalised stigma.

This course is suitable for:
Anyone with an interest in this topic, including voice-hearers, family members, carers, mental health professionals, volunteers, social care workers, peer supporters, group facilitators, GPs and more.

The training is free to attend and runs from 10am to 1pm, with lunch provided at 1pm. Certificates will be available at the end of the course.

Glasgow: Friday 28th Feb
London: Tuesday 3rd March

Travel bursaries are available for voice-hearers and Hearing Voices Groups who wish to attend the course. Places are limited for these events, so advance booking is essential.

Find out more here and register here


What are personal health budgets?
Check eligibility
Article Image
Following legislation recently passed meaning more people will benefit from personal health budgets over the coming years, the team at NHS England and NHS Improvement have produced a brief explainer video about personal health budgets, which introduces the concept to people who may be unfamiliar with this way of receiving personalised care and support. 

What are personal health budgets?
Get to grips with personal health budgets in this brief explainer video from NHS England and NHS Improvement. Personal health budgets are part of national plans to help people get care that’s right for them, and are becoming increasingly available for people with long-term conditions and disabilities.

Sulphur & White – true story of a survivor of child sexual abuse
Out in cinemas March 6
Article Image
Sulphur and White is on release March 6, and is based on the true story of David Tait, a survivor of child sexual abuse, and now MBE for his services to children.
The film details his life, spanning across moments of trauma in childhood and relaying the impact of these memories throughout his life. It is a moving and personal drama about the lasting impact of childhood trauma, and the way in which love and connection provide remedy to this. The film stars Mark Stanley as David, and Emily Beecham as his wife; they play a young couple navigating the after-effects of abuse. You can watch the trailer here and read more about David here.

Release date: Friday March 6


New report sets out 749,00+ people’s views of NHS and social care
Read Healthwatch England’s annual report to parliament
 Article Image
Two new Healthwatch England reports have been published.
Firstly, our annual report 2018-19 ‘Guided by you’ was laid before Parliament today.
We also published ‘What people want from the next ten years of the NHS’. This looks at the views of over 40,000 people following our countrywide campaign giving people a say in how the NHS Long Term Plan should be implemented where they live.
The evidence we gathered was shared with local NHS leaders, who will set out in their plans how they have used the feedback from the public to inform changes to services.
As we move into the implementation phase of the NHS Long Term Plan, this is a crucial moment for our NHS. Continued public engagement around how the NHS operates locally to fulfill the needs of people has never been more important.
Please do contact your local Healthwatch to see how we can work together to continue improving health and care for everyone.

England Smokefree by 2030Article Image
Endorse the roadmap online
In July 2019 the Government set the ambition to make England Smokefree by 2030.

On Monday, 3rd February, ASH, with partners in the Smokefree Action Coalition, will be launching a campaign to achieve a Smokefree 2030.

To achieve this ambition, ASH has produced a Roadmap to a Smokefree 2030 setting out the key policies and opportunities that will help us drive down smoking prevalence.

To show the Government your support for achieving this ambition, please endorse the Roadmap, by emailing admin@smokefreeaction.org.uk or by signing up online on the Smoke Free Action website here
We need your support to demonstrate the importance of delivering this ambition. Please share.

Healing Sanctuary Forum and Project Vision for better mental health treatment
Article Image
NSUN member (anonymous) writes:
I am a mental health service user and survivor and am diagnosed with a 38 year history of severe schizophrenia. I found a lot of differing opinions on-line on mental health areas, and wanted to create a space where as far as possible all views on mental health are allowed to be discussed, and where people can consider a more unified model and approach to mental health areas.
I have felt very passionate, as have and do many other people about helping to create better understandings and approaches to the treatment of people suffering mental illness.
I have tried to create the forum as a research hub for information on all the different areas mental health goes into as there is a lot of debate within and around all these areas with all the anti, critical, pro, alternative psychiatry and pharma views, from all the political, biological, scientific, psychological, sociological, religious and spiritual, integral and other areas. Mental health can be a very emotive area for a lot of people, and there are a lot of different views and opinions on it all.
I hope that people can get something useful from this site. Thank you.
Find out about the Healing Sanctuary forum here.
The forum can be found here

Seeking care workers to feature in recruitment campaign for DHSC
Article Image
Jungle Creations are looking to speak to people aged 16-20 working in adult social care who are interested in sharing their experience of getting into and working in the social care sector as part of an online national recruitment campaign from the Department of Health & Social Care. 
  • Has your life changed for the better since working as a care worker?
  • Perhaps you bring something unique to your workplace by running a dance class or a football team, with the people you support, for example.
  • Or maybe you have formed a meaningful friendship with someone you support.
Whatever your story, we want to hear from you! For more information and to apply, please email: casting@junglecreations.com
Our casting team will be in touch with more information and you will be asked to send us a short self-tape telling us a bit about yourself and your work. Those who take part will be reimbursed for their time.
Applications close: Friday 7th February 2020. Filming is due to take place w/c 24th February 2020.

Have you ever been offered ECT for depression?
Research project
Article Image
  • Have you ever been offered ECT as a treatment for depression?
  • Are you female?
  • Are you aged 60 or over?
Would you like to tell us about your experiences in order to
help others learn about the decision-making process?
If you answer yes to all of these questions and would like some more information,
please get in touch:
Email: Rachel.walton@liverpool.ac.uk
Telephone: 0151 794 5530

Jobs & Recruitment
Volunteer Coordinator and Systems Manager vacancies
ReCoCo, Newcastle
Two new posts at ReCoCo. Both fixed term, full time.
Find out more about ReCoCo here.
Volunteer Coordinator job info here.
Systems Manager job info here.
Closing date: 17.00 Friday 7th February 2020
Lived Experience Designer 
We are looking for 4 people with lived experience of mental health problems (direct or indirect) to help us shape and deliver a research and development programme.
Together, we’ll be inviting a range of people to develop and test new ways for our supporters to interact with us shape our future direction.
You’ll co-design and deliver activities to help us understand and test the kind of opportunities we should offer our supporters and the best ways to get them involved. You’ll help us develop our participation programme in a meaningful way and ensure the voices and ideas of people with lived experience are heard and incorporated.

Closing date: 9am Thursday 6th February 2020
Interviews: 20th & 21st February 2020

Website designer
Movement for Social Approaches in Mental Health (MSAMH)
The Movement for Social Approaches in Mental Health (MSAMH) is a new grass roots UK social movement to raise awareness and campaign for better access to social forms of support and social interventions in mental health services and redress the power balance that sees medical definitions and services being disproportionately funded and dominant. 
MSAMH is seeking a provider to build our brand new website. We have limited funds as we are an emerging grassroots organisation and are appealing to a potential provider who feels some alignment with the aims and values of MSAMH and as such, would be prepared to offer us this service at good rates.
For more information or to discuss this opportunity, please contact Hári Sewell (member of the MSAMH Core Group).
email: hari.sewell@hsconsultancy.org.uk or tel 07737 281123
Deadline: Friday 7th February 2020
Peer Support group volunteer 
Unreal are looking for a volunteer to help out at their monthly peer support group in London. Unreal is a UK charity for depersonalisation and derealisation disorder (DPRD). 
Trustees x 2
Together for Mental Wellbeing
Together for Mental Wellbeing are recruiting two volunteer positions on our Board of Trustees
Trustees with lived experience of mental distress.
At Together, the longest established mental health charity in England, we want to ensure that everyone who experiences mental distress is valued, can live the life they choose and can determine their own future. We will only achieve this ambition by being service user-led in all we do, and putting the insights from those with lived experience of mental distress at the heart of our decision-making. That’s why we are looking to appoint two new trustees with lived experience of mental distress to join our Board in a voluntary capacity.
For more information on this role and how to apply please follow this link or contact Diane Swanton at diane-swanton@together-uk.org.

Closing date for applications: Friday 7th February 2020.

Interviews are scheduled for: Wednesday 11 March 2020.
Projects & Activities Assistant
Underground Lights
This position will assist with the administration and delivery of our work with members at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry.
Six hours per week in blocks of ten weeks
£10.60 per hour
Interviews:  to be held on Friday 7th February
Deadline for applications: Thursday 30th January at midday
Find out more and apply here
Band 4 Peer Recovery Trainer (Full time)
CNWL Recovery and Wellbeing College

We are delighted to announce that we have a new vacancy for a full time Peer Recovery Trainer. We are particularly interested in inviting applications from people who have
been given a diagnosis of personality disorder due to specific
work in this area. This is a desirable, but not an essential criteria, on the person specification.
Closing date: Friday 14th February.
Find out more and apply here

Article Image
Talk for Health Taster
Date: Monday 3 February
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Location: Hargrave Hall, Hargrave Rd, London N19 5SP
Register here to attend the next free taster.
INPP conference: Expertise by Experience: Challenges and Prospects for Mental Health Research Methodology
Date: Wednesday 5 February 2020
At: Manchester Metropolitan University
Find out more here. Registration is free, and can be done using Eventbrite here.
Time to Change: Time to Talk Day 2020
When: Thursday 6 February 2020
Find out more here.
‘Whose Mind is it anyway? John’s story.’
Documentary screening in London by Mind in Camden and London Met University. Chaired by Susan Fernando. Free.
When: Thursday 6 February 2020 
Time: 17.00 – 19.00
Where: London Metropolitan University, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB 
Book your free ticket here
Action for Asperger’s AGM 2020
When: Saturday 8 February 2020
Time: 10am – 2pm
Where: Kettering Park Hotel, NN15 6XT
See the full flyer here
Pan-London Campaigning event
Inclusion London. Open to all Disabled people and allies to promote equality and inclusion across London.
When: Wednesday 12 February 2020
Time: 13.00 – 16.00
Venue: The Greenwood Centre, 37 Greenwood Place, London NW5 1LB
Find out more here. Book your FREE place here.
Club night in aid of NSUN
Life Experience
When: Saturday 15 February 2020
Time: 22.00 – 04.00
Where: Five Miles, 39b Markfield Road, London N15 4QA
More info on facebook here. Tickets available through Resident Advisor here.
Experiences of presence in grief: When relationships continue, what are the consequences?
Talk by Dr. Jacqueline Hayes
When: Tuesday 18 February 2020
Time: 17.00 – 18.30
Where: IMH seminar room, Caedmon Building, Institute for Medical Humanities, Durham University, Leazes Road, Durham DH1 1SZ
Find out more here. Free, all welcome. Wine and nibbles provided
Taking Control of Psychiatric Medication
The Living Room
Date: Wed, 19 February 2020
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Venue: Niamos Radical Arts & Centre, Warwick Street, Hulme M15 5EU
Fair Society, Healthy Lives (The Marmot Review) 10 years on
When: Tuesday 25 February 2020
Where: Church House, Deans Yard, Westminster, London SW1P 3NZ
More details will be available here.
Evolving research through lived experience
CRASSH, University of Cambridge
Conference dates: Wednesday 25 & Thursday 26 March 2020
Further information is available on the CRASSH website.
Inaugural Open Dialogue Champions conference 2020
Developing Open Dialogue
Date: Saturday 28 March
Time: 10.30am – 4pm
Where: Central London
Free event. Details about the event here and event registration here.
When: to 25 April 2020
Where: Bethlem Museum of the Mind, Beckenham, Kent
Where: Bethlem Gallery, Beckenham, Kent

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