17 Apr

The Times Manifesto in partnership with YoungMinds

The Times newspaper, in partnership with YoungMinds, launches a manifesto calling for a revolution in young people’s mental health services. The manifesto has been jointly produced with Professor Tanya Byron, YoungMinds, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Great Ormond Street Hospital and calls for urgent action by government and services to improve the dire situation for thousands of children, young people and their families who are suffering.

The coverage on its front page comes as The Times reports that the government’s taskforce on children and young people’s mental health services is due to report next week. This coverage will help to place the vital issue of young people’s mental health services that YoungMinds have campaigned on for many years firmly on the election agenda.

You can help, sign The Times manifesto now and add your support to demand better support for every child, young person and family who need it.

Sign The Times Manifesto now.