06 Mar

YoungMinds Newsletter – March 2020

We’re going to Parliament – will your MP be there?

We’ve petitioned, we’ve asked MPs to pledge – and now it’s time to go to Parliament. We need the new government to make firm commitments to improve mental health support for children and young people. That’s why on Monday 30 March, our young Activists are hosting an event in Parliament. They’ll be sharing their experiences of what it’s like to access support, so MPs can find out why early intervention is so important. Could you invite your MP to make sure they come?

Send an email to invite your MP today, so they can meet our Activists and hear first-hand about the mental health crisis young people are facing. We’ll be asking MPs to support our call for a cross-government strategy that looks at the factors that make young people’s mental health worse and makes early support a genuine priority. Have you already contacted your MP? Please share the email invite with friends and family, so your MP knows how important this issue is for their constituents.

Send an email invite to your MP


Looking after your mental health at uni

University can be a difficult time, with many changes to adjust to and pressure to meet deadlines. Our new guide gives tips and advice for looking after your mental health, and where you can find support at your uni. 
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Training courses to meet your needs

We’ve re-launched our training courses to make sure they respond to the current needs of young people we hear from every day, and the issues professionals are facing. Book onto our improved mental health training and build your skills and confidence today. 
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New guide: Borderline Personality Disorder

If you’re struggling with borderline personality disorder (BPD), you are not alone. We’ve created a new page with lots of information, advice and ways to get help.

> Read the guide


Take on a half marathon for young people’s mental health

Looking for a new running challenge in Leeds, Hull, or Derby? Sign up to the ASDA half marathon and join our fight for young people’s mental health.
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