05 Mar

ADHD 360

Hello again

Following their successful (and extremely informative and interesting) launch in the North East last month at Gateshead Clubhouse and the excellent conversations that were held with them at 3 of our support group meetings, it seems appropriate to include them as already being great allies. As they put it in their literature-

“Here at ADHD 360, we strive to offer more than just a diagnosis. Our expert team have put together a range of packages that cater for you and your family. Treatment is excellent, to the highest medical standards. Treatment is focused on getting your ADHD as controlled as we can, as quickly as we can. Access to a programme of care that goes beyond your diagnosis, making sure that your treatment plan is designed for you”.

www.adhd-360.com | enquiries@adhd-360.com | 07710919868

best wishes, from bill

bill scott
Adult AD/HD Support Groups NE

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