World Mental Health Day 2021 Photography Competition

Terms and Conditions 

From now on, we would love to see your photographs for free entry into the pool of images from which a panel of 3 judges (all photographers) will select the top 3.  Entrants must live/work/volunteer/attend a support group in North Tyneside, Newcastle or Gateshead.  The closing date for the entry of photographs will be 23:59 on 21 November 2021.  The top 3 photographers will be notified shortly after the closing date and will receive gift cards to the value of: first place, £50; second place, £30; third place, £10.  The judges’ decisions will be final. 

Photographs  will be placed in AIM’s Flickr album for the World Mental Health Day 2021 Photography Competition, on Launchpad’s and AIM’s web sites and Facebook pages. 

We would like photographers to attach a titled image file to an e-mail, together with a completed Consent and Entry Form.  E-mail:  Download the form here (complete a separate form for each image).  There will be no limit to the number of images submitted by an individual photographer but only one photograph, best liked by the judges, will have a chance of being chosen in the top 3 places. 

Photographs should be of high resolution, preferably between 1MB and 6.75MB in size (the AIM mail box accepts attachments up to a maximum of 10MB). 

Copyright of any submitted image remains with the photographer.  Each photograph must be all of the individuals’/organisation’s own work.  Individuals who submit work must own all rights to images and text used.  Do not send in any content that isn’t yours or you don’t have permission to use. By submitting your images you are consenting to allow AIM and Launchpad to distribute and publicise your images and to use them in exhibitions and on their web sites, on Flickr, on social media and in promotions. If you do not wish to grant these rights please do not send in any images. 

If there are people in your photographs, please ensure that you have asked their permission, and if they are under 18, their guardian’s permission to have their image submitted.