23 Jul

Zoe, Mind Campaigner: Young People Demand Change

Hi School days – the best days of our lives. So why are kids in classrooms across the country having their school days ruined due to negative treatment of students with mental health problems? That was my experience and unfortunately I was not an exception to the rule. My school did not have the training to…

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23 Jul

Studio News! Chilli Studio now open 4 days a week & safety

Welcome to the Chilli mini Newsletter. There’s a lot of exciting things happening soon and opportunities for our members to be involved with. In this email: New Chilli Programme & New Studio Safety Guide Beach Art Day Chilli Studios Annual Exhibition now on! Support links NEW Programme NEW Studio Safety Guide! Chilli Studios programme is…

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21 Jul

Healthwatch North Tyneside News – 8 July 2021

Read our latest annual report detailing our achievements over the past 12 months and our priorities for the coming year. Find out where to get vaccinations, how to cancel and change vaccination appointments, and other answers to commonly asked questions. View our current surveys and hear from our volunteer Antalya about being part of the…

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16 Jul

YoungMinds Newsletter – July 2021

How will you say #HelloYellow this year? We all struggle with how we’re feeling sometimes and it’s normal to have ups and downs, but this year might have felt a bit more down than up. In times like these, it’s often the little things that get us through – the morning walks, singing in the…

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06 Jul

Mind Mail: Easing out of lockdown with social anxiety

The last year has been strange and unsettling, and we know that the changing milestones regarding restrictions have been difficult and frustrating for many of us to navigate. However, easing restrictions may come with new challenges and lead to conflicting feelings. We’ve heard from many of you that while you feel relieved to see things…

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02 Jul

Linskill Community Development Team Community Grapevine Newsletter – 27 June 2021

This is an ‘Alex & Charly’ special whilst Lucy is on hols.  Hopefully we’ve done her proud with a bumper issue of all things ‘Active’ – be that with your trainers on for walking the Waggonways or those brain cells working over time at our online heritage talk! Thanks for having a read – can’t…

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15 Jun

Linskill Community Development Team Community Grapevine Newsletter – 13 June 2021

We have so much going on you will need the long summer days to fit it all in! Lots of active things to keep you busy this week including a bike ride, pilates and dance fitness. Plus armchair gardening has been extended (yippee) and our next film club showing has been announced. Enjoy! CONNECTMay we…

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11 Jun

YoungMinds Newsletter – June 2021

Join our call for early support hubs Hundreds of thousands of young people are struggling with their mental health – and too often they can’t get support when they first need it. This is simply not good enough, but it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why we’re calling for the Government to fund…

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04 Jun

‘Safe to be me’ – resource guide from Age UK

Age UK

This resource guide offers practical advice on providing the kind of service in which older lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people can feel safe to be themselves. This resource is written for anyone working or volunteering in health, social care or the voluntary sector who would like to support older people who are LGBT….

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