29 Dec

Linskill’s Community Grapevine – 22 December 2023


We kicked off our ‘Handmade Christmas’ programme on the 21st November, 14 festive events later we welcomed 242 participants. That’s 240 plus coffees made and who knows how many mince pies consumed! Our aim was to offer a range of activities, at affordable, subsidised prices, which would allow as many people as possible to enjoy something a little bit festive. The support you give and your attendance throughout the year makes all this possible – thank You!

As well as our official programme, the regular groups have continued with festive sessions and celebrations plus we welcomed over 200 people to our first Christmas Fair. 

It’s no wonder we are looking forward to a few days at home to rest our feet. Lucy and Charly will be out of the office from Thursday 21st December to Wednesday 3rd January. 
Look out for our next newsletter on Friday 5th January which will be a bumper edition full of our January and early February activities. 

Thank you for your continued support – happy holidays! 

Charly and Lucy

Grab a Mulled Wine and enjoy this festive story by our Scribblers member Jean Olsen.

Elvin the Elf by Jean Olsen



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