06 Apr

Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces

TTC Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces

This month we’re really excited to release our Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces Report.

The report is the result of 46 ‘Organisational Health checks’, conducted between 2013 and 2015, that draws on the experiences of 15,000 employees. The report informs employers about employees’ experiences of mental health in a variety of workplaces; illustrates good practice in managing mental health; and talks about the roles and responsibilities of senior leaders in the workplace with regards to supporting employees’ mental health.

The evidence-based recommendations made in this report can help organisations build on the progress made so far and make further improvements to policy, practices and working environment.

We’re really happy to be able to share all our findings with you and hope that this report can create a positive impact in understanding and fighting against stigma and discrimination against mental health problems in the workplace.

You can find a digital version of the report here. We have a limited run of printed copies also available. If you would like to be sent one then please contact organisations@time-to-change.org.

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All the best, the Time to Change team