24 Sep

Recyke y’Bike (Bike Recycling)

recyke y'bike recycling

Recyke y’Bike is a social enterprise and charity that has been around since 2006, accepting donated bikes from members of the public for purpose of recycling them. They are then fixed up by our great team of trained mechanics and volunteers for resale.

Most of the bikes are sold to the public to raise funds for running costs and to pay our staff but we also fund-raise in order to send around 500 sturdy bikes a year to development projects in Kenya and The Gambia.

We give away around 150 bikes a year in the North East. These go to schools, to community groups, and to refugees and asylum seekers in Tyneside.

Recyke y’Bike is certain that providing affordable, roadworthy transport is a good way to encourage more people to get cycling, as well as making sure that bicycles don’t end up in land-fill sites, when instead they could be put to good use.

For more information about recycling your bike or getting involved, please visit their website.