Stigma and Discrimination

Stigma and Discrimination

Time to Change

Time to Change is an anti-stigma campaign run by the mental health charities Mind and Rethink. These two charities decided to work together, combining their knowledge, skills and expertise, in the biggest attempt yet in England to end the discrimination that surrounds mental health.

see me

‘see me’ is Scotland’s national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health. ‘see me’ is an alliance of five mental health organisations (Highland Users Group (HUG), National Schizophrenia Fellowship Scotland (NSF), Penumbra, Royal College of Psychiatrists – Scottish Division and the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH)) and is fully funded by the Scottish Government. The campaign launched in 2002.

Changing Minds

Following the official close of the Changing Minds Campaign in October 2003, the Royal College of Psychiatrists continues to develop the campaign web pages and distributes its publications. A substantial tool kit of materials has been developed, to help change minds and reduce stigma. The materials are available from these web pages.

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