10 Aug

The Bread and Butter Thing – North Tyneside Food Hub

The Bread and Butter Thing is the new affordable food hub that offers £35 worth of food for £7.50. Members get three bags of shopping, including fresh fruit and veg, chilled goods and cupboard essentials. There are now four hubs across North Tyneside:

  1. Tuesday, 2:00pm: Longbenton Community Centre
  2. Wednesday, 1.30pm: Shiremoor Adventure Playground
  3. Thursday, 1.45pm: Fordley Primary School
  4. Friday, 1.30pm: Family Gateway

To sign up, text 07860 063 304 with your full name, postcode, and the name of the hub you will be collecting from, e.g. Longbenton, Shiremoor, Fordley or Family Gateway.