World Mental Health Day Arts Calendar

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Recovery Colleges

Tyneside Recovery College (ReCoCo) and North Tyneside Recovery College Read More...

NT WMHD 2016

Photographs from North Tyneside World Mental Health Day - 14 October 2016 Read More...

Free 2017 Calendar

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World Mental Health Day Arts Calendar 2017

Submitted images for the 2017 Calendar

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Altering Images of Mentality (AIM) attempts to meet its object of enabling and empowering the local community to address all issues surrounding mental health in an effort to tackle discrimination and to reduce the stigma felt by people with mental health problems.

“1 in 4 people, like me, have a Mental Health problem. Many more have a problem with that.” – Stephen Fry

AIM focuses on reducing stigma and challenging discrimination by using local campaigns that often mirror the themes chosen by the World Federation for Mental Health.

The global theme for 2016  ‘Dignity in Mental Health – Psychological & Mental Health First Aid for All’ will enable the WFMH to contribute to the goal of taking mental health out of the shadows so that people in general feel more confident in tackling the stigma, isolation and discrimination that continues to plague people with mental health conditions, their families and carers.

North Tyneside Campaign 2016

The North Tyneside theme for this year is ‘Where To Turn?’.  This theme was derived from the WFMH’s theme and it will allow the NT WMHD Planning Group to focus on more than just crisis care.  It is hoped that celebrations will be informative as new and existing organisations will be invited so the community is aware of the latest services and contacts.  Read more


All year long we strive to fight the stigma and discrimination faced by people by campaigning in the North East.

Some of our past campaigns revolved around the issues of young people (including a Crisis Card), mind and body, complementary therapies, and the mental health of older people.

AIM has supported the ‘Mind in Action’ campaigns such as Building Solutions, Debt and Mental Health and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies.