01 Dec

Let there be light


Iridescent coruscating light,
So Bright, so stark, so obvious,
Like coffee dripping on a Sunday wet morning,
Whetting appetite’s to begin, like light:
The great beginning, like God said in Genesis.

Light, so heavy, so un-dull,
Perhaps pretending to be like the cat
That walked over the barrow of wet dish-water.

Optically dense, refractive refractory plebiscites
Illuminating them to become the Illuminati,
Fluorescently Einstein, the billionth equation:
Packets, quanta, constant like Planck
To walk like a sailor having been caught by a pirate:

Let there be light, the one true bang
Like the gun or starting pistol,
Like Usain Bolt primed and ready,
Ever steady to finish like the beginning,
Unlike one big crunch;

Crunchies are my favourite chocolate:
They have a shiny reflective wrapper.