06 Jul

Mind Mail: Easing out of lockdown with social anxiety

The last year has been strange and unsettling, and we know that the changing milestones regarding restrictions have been difficult and frustrating for many of us to navigate.

However, easing restrictions may come with new challenges and lead to conflicting feelings. We’ve heard from many of you that while you feel relieved to see things opening up and having more access to loved ones, you feel anxious at the same time, and wary of the continued changing guidelines.

One person who feels this way is Annabel, who is navigating easing restrictions with social anxiety. Annabel blogged about the challenge of returning to normality after the comfort of being able to isolate during the pandemic.

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You may find our information on managing difficult feelings about lockdown helpful. Remember to be kind to yourself and take things at your own pace.


“Don’t force yourself to have to start again immediately”


Read Annabel’s blog