09 Nov

Please Help Us Save Self Injury Support’s Services before January 2020

Dear Colleague

This is an incredibly difficult email to write but I hope you’ll understand why I am sending it to you.

As you may know we have been offering direct peer-led support to women who self-harm for over 30 years. Every year we support over 2000 women and girls at high risk of self-harm and suicide to have a safe space to talk, work out their next steps and move forward with their lives.

Now we need to ask for help to save our services and carry on giving lifesaving help to women and girls who use self-harm, because without your support the only free, UK-wide self harm support service will close in early 2020.

Despite our best efforts, we are struggling to secure funding to carry on running our services after the end of January 2020.

In the current climate, there is less and less funding available for small organisations like ours (and so many others) which do unique and vital work, but don’t have the capacity to fundraise full-time.

We have set up an appeal on our website: https://www.selfinjurysupport.org.uk/appeal/save-our-services-without-your-support-they-will-close-in-2020

If you feel able to support us I would appreciate it very much – if everyone we are connected with as an organisation was able to give us £5 a month then we would never need to apply for funding again…

Thanks for taking the time to read.

With best wishes


Naomi Salisbury

Self injury Support


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