19 Dec

Warm Welcome in North Tyneside

Warm Welcomes in North Tyneside and other offers in the North East

warm welcome in north tyneside

This winter could be tougher than usual for many of us in the North East due to the rising cost of living crisis. This is why North Tyneside is offering all residents a Warm Welcome consisting of free of charge spaces across the borough which will include free hot drinks, toilet facilities and activities.

North Tyneside libraries and Customer First Centres, as well as many community and voluntary sector organisations, are extending their support to residents by offering a comfortable space to relax. Please note, this is not means-tested and is available for all residents.

The Warm Welcome offer is being regularly reviewed and updated, so please regularly check the schedule to make sure you’re up to date.

Linked below are the various Warm Welcome directories, as well as links to North Tyneside, Gateshead, Newcastle and Northumberland County Council’s respective Cost of Living support pages. 

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