World Mental Health Day 2017

2017 Calendar


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Background Information to a few pieces of art

Jade Vine


This photograph was taken in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.  Creating art is very cathartic for the photographer and helps her feel good and make sense of the world around her and how she feels about life.



This piece of artwork explores hidden illnesses. The artist was diagnosed with CFS/ME in 2010.  Nobody on her degree course besides her tutors was aware of her illness until the last year of University.  This is a photograph of a paper dress she made using origami techniques.  She learnt origami when confined to her home due to the illness.

“Often we are made to hide how we are really feeling through fear of judgement.”  The artist feels this piece touches upon many illnesses that we feel we should hide due to society.  The origami dress was kinetic and the petals would enclose around herself, the viewers were only able to see part of her.  Using paper during this project was also symbolic as paper can be weak or strong; this symbolised the emotions she goes through and how it feels to manage a hidden illness.

She has always seen and used art as a form of therapy and feels people should be able to express how they’re feeling more freely.  This piece was created to raise awareness about hidden illnesses.



This photograph taken on Dartmoor.  It represents the feelings the artist had whilst being depressed but also that you can always find beauty in bad experiences.

Bed of Roses


This piece of art was created with poster paint on canvas. The artist produced it together with her daughter and it hangs on their wall and brightens their lives.

Fashioning the artwork has helped the artist to create a positive outcome for her daughter.  “Through dark times it’s nice to create a piece of art.”


World Mental Health Day 2016 Art Exhibition – St Nicholas Hospital Library


This Exhibition has been put together promoting WMHD by AIM.

All the work on display has been produced by organisations supporting people who are recovering from mental health problems from around the UK.  All the work shown has gone into our Arts Calendar for 2017.

All submitted images have been placed in AIM’s Flickr album for the 2017 Calendar