05 May

Meadow Well Connected Events

Meadow Well Connected Volunteer Award Night Friday 17 May, Meadow Well Connected Meadow Well Connected is celebrating 25 years of supporting their local community and as part of the celebrations they will be putting on a special Volunteer Award Night for volunteers past and present. This will give their staff the chance to give thanks…

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24 Apr

Connect at Cafe 32

Connect at Cafe 32 is a new initiative designed by local members of Launchpad, VODA and Linskill Centre’s Encompass project.  It’s an opportunity for people who are feeling a bit low and might be looking for an opportunity to make some new connections. The first meeting is next Wednesday (1st May) and will then take…

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31 Mar

North Tyneside Art Studio (NTAS) What’s On in April

Hi, What’s On at NTAS in April.  Download leaflet 80 here. There’s a few changes from last month… Next week (2nd, 3rd and 4th April) brings a great opportunity to explore an experimental approach to working with coloured clays, with Steph – see 3rd page of the attached. Russ will be running a couple of…

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