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Update from Rethink Mental Illness – 30 March 2020

Last week, we emailed you and asked you to share how you are looking after your mental health during these extraordinary times. We were blown away by the response – so many of you shared creative and compassionate ideas for getting through the pandemic. We’ve included a selection of your tips at the bottom of this email, and we will keep sharing them each week as we move through these times, together.

Today, we want to ask for your help again. We need photographs to use on our social media to show how we’re all responding to this crisis. Perhaps you could share a photo of you talking on the phone, or a creative project you’re working on. If you’re happy for us to use it on Twitter and Facebook please email it to us.

Share your photos

Photo of the week

Thank you to Georgie Lopez who sent in this photo of her walking her dog. She recommends taking a walk somewhere quiet and serene to help manage your mental health during this period.

Finding support

Visit our website for information on covid-19

All the latest information about coronavirus and how it affects you and your mental health can be found on the Covid-19 hub on our website.

This includes an update on the new emergency legislation, advice for carers, five ways to get moving around the house, how to budget your money, and practical advice and information.

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Your tips

“Busy yourself with something creative if you can. Perhaps write lovely letters to family and friends, which we just don’t do these days – I’m on my tenth one!”

– Giles

“The Rock Choir, for everyone – not just members – daily at 3pm live (accessible later) teaches Feel-Good Songs on their main Facebook page.”

– Mark

CovidMutualAid.org is a source of local mutual support groups, e.g. shopping for vulnerable people.” 

– Chris

“I’m enjoying the chance to prepare great food at home. Yes I still have to go to the shops to collect ingredients (alternatively you can get them delivered of course), but once I’ve got them I’m enjoying the chance to cook great homemade food. I find it a creative and mindful process, I enjoy the sense of achievement, and love the results! You don’t need to be a chef, just follow a recipe you like the look of. If you don’t have many cookery books, there are loads of great recipes online.”

– Dominic

“When you wake up and get out of bed the very first thing you should do is make your bed. It may sound daft but making your bed sets the tone for the day and by starting the day being productive and positive will help how you feel more positive. No matter what you do for the rest of the day, you’ve done one productive thing. You could have a really bad day but when you look at your bed you know you did that, you made it. Yes it does sound silly but small steps are the most important when you’re low.”

– Maria


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