22 Jan

Reforming the Mental Health Act

*We try to make sure our emails are as safe as possible for our campaigners, so want to let you know that this email mentions suicide. Please read with care.* We have some exciting news! After a long wait of over two years, on Wednesday the UK Government published their plans to reform the Mental…

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27 Oct

Black History Month – Mind Campaigns

Racism has impacted on Black people’s mental health throughout history, and it continues to shape the lives and mental health of Black people today. This Black History Month and beyond, we need to do everything we can to ensure it doesn’t continue to affect our present. We know that in England, Black men are four times…

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03 Sep

Sectioned in a Pandemic – Mind Video

Being sectioned under the Mental Health Act is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to someone. It means being held against your will, usually in hospital, with little or no say over what happens to you. Whilst you’re under a section, a panel of people called a Tribunal, can assess how you’re…

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