26 May

Young people deserve better – inpatient care

A hospital should be a safe place where everyone can get treatment for mental health problems. But for young people, the reality is often very different. We asked young people what they thought about the upcoming reforms to the Mental Health Act and what needs to change to improve their experiences of inpatient care. Last…

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23 Jul

Zoe, Mind Campaigner: Young People Demand Change

Hi School days – the best days of our lives. So why are kids in classrooms across the country having their school days ruined due to negative treatment of students with mental health problems? That was my experience and unfortunately I was not an exception to the rule. My school did not have the training to…

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11 Jun

Early support for young people: Fund the Hubs

The pandemic has sped up a crisis in young people’s mental health that was already growing fast. Hundreds of thousands of young people are struggling with their mental health – and too often they can’t get support when they first need it. The earlier a young person gets support for their mental health, the more…

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07 May

Mind Report ‘Trying to Connect’

Earlier this year, over 1,900 of you told us about your experiences of getting mental health support from the NHS by phone or online. Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences so openly and made this report possible. Phone and online support has really worked for many of us. And many have told us they don’t…

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08 Apr

A year in lockdown to become an exhibition

The challenges of facing a year in lockdown for the North East LGBTQ+ community is to be the subject of an exhibition and a book. Throughout 2020 Northern Pride had been running its Life in Lockdown campaign, gathering the stories shared by its community with thanks to the support of games company, Ubisoft UK, which is one…

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27 Mar

Anthony Nolan Newcastle City Campaign

Anthony Nolan is the stem cell register charity saving the lives of people with blood cancer. They are running a virtual city campaign in Newcastle to recruit new potential lifesavers to their register and to raise awareness of their work. Their campaign is engaging with schools, universities, colleges, local businesses and sports clubs. There are…

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18 Mar

Time to talk about smoking and mental health in a pandemic

A new post, “Time to talk about smoking and mental health in a pandemic: No Smoking Day 2021” has just been published on the Public health matters blog. Many smokers believe that smoking helps to relieve stress, anxiety and low mood, when in fact the opposite is true. This year, for the first time, the…

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22 Jan

Reforming the Mental Health Act

*We try to make sure our emails are as safe as possible for our campaigners, so want to let you know that this email mentions suicide. Please read with care.* We have some exciting news! After a long wait of over two years, on Wednesday the UK Government published their plans to reform the Mental…

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29 Nov

Update from Time to Change – 19 November 2020

Time to Change

Today is the start of our latest Ask Twice campaign – aimed at getting more men to check in with their mates and show they care. New research shows that 45% of men say they feel more isolated than ever, despite technology providing opportunities to catch up with friends. And with lockdown restrictions set to…

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