22 Feb

YoungMinds: We’re heading to Parliament and we need you

Next month we’re heading to Parliament and we need your help Despite improvements to NHS services, with rising demand, they remain overstretched and too many young people are reaching crisis before they get support for their mental health. This can have devastating consequences. We need the new Government to make firm commitments to improve mental…

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09 Nov

YoungMinds Newsletter – November 2019

We’ve put your signatures in our politicians’ hands This morning, our amazing Activists – along with artist Alison Lapper and our Chief Executive Emma Thomas – have handed in our #ActEarly petition, which has received over 70,000 signatures, to all leading political parties in England. We want to make sure that whoever forms the next government makes…

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08 Oct

Join 55,000 people taking action for young people

Take action for young people today Young people are facing a crisis with their mental health, with not enough getting the support they need, when they first need it. That’s why we’re calling on the Government to #ActEarly by introducing a new strategy that makes early intervention a genuine priority. We urgently need you to…

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14 Sep

Tell the Government to #ActEarly on Mental Health

More young people than ever are reaching out for help with their mental health, but not enough are getting the support they need. Investment in the NHS is crucial, but with growing demand, we need more than that. That’s why we’re calling for a cross-government strategy that will address the factors that can affect young people’s mental health…

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17 Mar

YoungMinds Wise Up Campaign

I’m George, and have been a YoungMinds activist for 2 years. At school I had a really hard time with my mental health, and I didn’t feel like there was enough time for anyone to see me as a person, rather than a number or a grade. But one teacher went out of her way…

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27 Apr

These are the young minds we’re #FightingFor 🌟

These are the young minds we’re #FightingFor In the last 25 years, we’ve seen that people now talk about mental health more than ever before. However, help is still much too hard to find for young people when they need it. 81% of young people said there was not enough support available when they struggled…

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